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Wuxi Nanya Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd.( is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, installation and service is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprise.Under the environmental test equipment division, microelectronics and pv equipment division and battery test equipment department.

The company is committed to solar energy equipment research and development, with rich technical force as the foundation, the sophisticated detection equipment and production equipment, based on both at home and abroad with the most advanced technology, special research and development the outstanding performance, reasonable structure, reliable quality, good appearance, easy to use and solar energy production equipment and microelectronics test equipment, and according to the different needs of customers, the custom designed of non-standard equipment.

The company has a group of high quality technicians and a qualified worker team, senior engineers, engineers, college degree or above personnel account for 45% of the total number worker.At the same time, the company and photovoltaic industry veteran senior engineer to provide consultation and technical support, so that customers can get high quality service.The company will continue to provide customers with the most advanced technology, the most excellent products and the perfect services, create beautiful tomorrow.

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