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Wuxi Nanya Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd.( is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, installation and service is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprise.Under the environmental test equipment division, photovoltaic solar equipment division and battery test equipment department.

The company is committed to solar energy equipment research and development, with rich technical force as the foundation, the sophisticated detection equipment and production equipment, based on both at home and abroad with the most advanced technology, special research and development the outstanding performance, reasonable structure, reliable quality, good appearance, easy to use and solar energy production equipment and microelectronics test equipment, and according to the different needs of customers, the custom designed of non-standard equipment.

The company has a group of high quality technicians and a qualified worker team, senior engineers, engineers, college degree or above personnel account for 45% of the total number worker.At the same time, the company and photovoltaic industry veteran senior engineer to provide consultation and technical support, so that customers can get high quality service.The company will continue to provide customers with the most advanced technology, the most excellent products and the perfect services, create beautiful tomorrow.

Main products::
Environment test equipment: Microelectronics, solar equipment:
· GDW/JB series high/low temperature and humidity alternating  test cases
· GDW/SJ series high/low temperature and humidity test cases
· GDW series high low temperature test cases
· GW series high temperature test cases
· NQ series, salt fog corrosion test cases
· JB series alternating wet heat test cases
· SC series sand dust test cases
· LX series water test cases
· HS series constant damp and hot test cases
· NS series mould test cases
· material light aging test cases
· shell protection test device
· various environmental laboratory
· TAF-X-5000 automatic silicon separating machine
· TAC-T-100 automatic silicon inserting machine
· automatic silicon sheet extruder with dry
· microelectronics, solar energy product testing    equipment
(non-standard) testing equipment:   
Battery series Home appliance series
· the critical impact, the BaoDie fell, lie between blasting extrusion, resistance to contact pressure test,Aerosol propellant body test, battery security projects of comprehensive test, the static pressure test, battery High/
low temperature test battery
· JTE type electrical test bench
· YT-type 1 instrument cart
· SJF-type 1 handheld instruments clamping auxiliary  test device
· SYZ-615 test means
· BMWB-5 surface temperature measuring stick out
· BPTZ-R4 flat probe
· test Angle
· probe
· TGF-type 1 pressure regulating isolation test auxiliary  devices
· DNZG-type 1 dynamic pressure test special partition
· JDYD type iron drop test bench
· JDYS type iron life testing machine
· DKN-1 type furnace and durability test enginery  switch
· multi-functional curved open shutoff durability test  machine
· THGF-200 type give hair drier implement test  devices
· JWH type cordless kettle testing machine
· cordless electric kettle inserted machine
· BZLG type 1 standard aluminum pan
· JMNJ type door system testing machine durability
· washing machine door switch durable test machine
· XGQ1 washing machines cover strength tester
· JXZ-type 1 a vacuum cleaner automatic rewinding  line test device
· aspiration ability test device
· cleaner threshold testing machine
· cleaner arrows testing machine
· JXZN type vacuum cleaner current-carrying tube  bend resistance tester
· JXZW type vacuum cleaner current-carrying tube  distortion resistance tester
· JXZZ type vacuum tube extrusion flow load  resistance tester
· JXZM type vacuum cleaner current-carrying tube  wear resistance tester
· JXCS type vacuum cleaner life testing machine
· TEY-300 type digital display type pressure test  device
· CDYS-300 type plug compression test device
· TEL-500 type digital display type tension test device
· DSS type wire damage level test device
· DYJ type wire pressure ability test machine
· RSY-20 type heat compression test device
· CZS-1500 type vehicle vibration test products
· DDL type drop bucket test device
· DSF-7 type wind hood
· FFL-type 1 the wind test device
· DNRC-1300 H lamps durable thermal test slot device
· LSR-250 type soft rope winding test device
· DZLJ-15/30 type lamp holder safety performance test
 device connected
· CJS-type 1 lantern impact test device
· STDBM-100 type lantern surface pressure test device
· DTW-type 1 lamp holder temperature rise test device
Electric tool series
· GDXQ type the power cord bending test machine
· GDXA type the power cord bending test machine
· GDXL type the power cord and pull test
· GDJN-3 type electric tools durability test bench
· GSJZ sand light machine normal load test bench
· GDCC type electric shock test hammer
· GDC-3 type electric hammer impact test control box
· internal cable soft line bending test machine
Waterproof series
· JCDS type vertical water test device
· JBLY swinging rod type water test device
· JPS type water spray test device
· JX type rotary worktable
· JZY type pressurization water purification equipment
· JS type handheld sprinklers
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